Stefan Baumann Podcast - Inspiration and Insights on Art and Painting

Stefan Baumann -Be inspired To Do Good Art

November 09, 2020 Stefan Baumann Season 2 Episode 2
Stefan Baumann Podcast - Inspiration and Insights on Art and Painting
Stefan Baumann -Be inspired To Do Good Art
Show Notes

In this podcast, Stefan Baumann Talks with this student about being inspired and through that doing good art. 

Stefan Baumann Artist of The Grand View PBS Television series discusses the importance of sharing your work with the public. The best way to do that is to be part of an art show, but maybe my work is not good enough! This short talk is to motivate you to just go out and do it!
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About Stefan Baumann
Inspiring Millions with his PBS show " The Grand View " Americas National Park Through The Eyes of An Artist".  In this unique Television series, Stefan takes his viewers on a journey deep into the magical world of our National Parks to explore these sacred natural wonders. There, Viewers of the TV series, whiteness for themselves Baumann capturing vistas onto canvas En Plein Air viewers around the world to enjoy.
Each and every original oil painting is a moment captured by the artist of a remote location discovered by Baumann on his countless journies deep into the American wilderness. Through his keen eye and the steady trained hand of a master painter, Baumann painstakingly recreates the moment that he himself experiences, captured on the canvas first on location, and then finished or recreated back in his studio located his private ranch in Mt Shasta California. Baumann's plein air paintings include amazing effects of light, shadow, color, and the natural beauty that he sees in American wilderness landscapes, wildlife, and the architectural styles of older houses and barns.  Through his work, viewers enjoy the opportunity to see spectacular places in America that are too remote and inaccessible for most to visit themselves.  Baumann’s painting style has been classified by art collectors and galleries as “Romantic Realism with Luminicsm.” Pioneers of this beautiful genre of landscape painting include Frederic Church, Thomas Cole,  and Albert Bierstadt of the Hudson River School.  They were East Coast artists who journeyed to the Western United States to sketch and paint amazing views of the American wilderness, and then they returned to their home studios to paint stunning detailed versions of these vistas on room-sized canvases. Similarly,

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